I recently decided that investing in jewelry was a good idea…I have an allergy to most costume jewelry and especially in my ears, that’s where it is the most sensitive. I have always been a fan of Jacquie Aiche and her eponymous line of fine jewelry so I paid a visit to her studio in Beverly Hills, CA. The studio is set up like a gorgeous apartment, equipped with offices, showroom, and a beautiful backyard. The studio is inviting and smells divine (Jacquie is very into scented oils from Thieves, as am I!) I tried on as much as I was allowed to and ultimately settled on a pair or rose gold pave mini hoops. I haven’t taken them off since! Take a look at this urban oasis below and if you want to treat yourself; I highly recommend taking a look at this brand. Plus, their Instagram is great to follow too.

Crystals, Herbs, Feathers, and Jewelry
Chokers, Bodychains, Gemstones, and Dreamcathers
Beautiful Shark Tooth Shaped Gemstones
The Happy Leaf Shirts
I love these chairs and giant hand Ahimsa sculpture!
Me in my new Jacquie Aiche earrings and a choker!