This weekend marked the union of two very dear friends of mine, Ashwin and Leslie. These two are arguably star crossed lovers, considering when they first started dating one of them lived in SF and the other in NY. Once the particulars of the geography was worked out; they had to contend with different cultural backgrounds (one is from a traditional Christian family and the other from a traditional Hindu family). Despite distance and their differences, these two managed to create an incredibly loving ceremony that melded their two families together. It was one of my favorite weddings I have ever been to and actually made me excited about planning my own. Neither culture was overshadowed by the other and they were in perfect harmony. I might add that this is no small feat as planning my own shindig just doesn’t sound as fun as running off to Bali together and not telling anyone until we are back and married! Wait a minute…not the worst idea! Either way, here are a few photos I managed to snag from the nuptials. Have you ever been to a multicultural event like this? What great stories can you share about your experience?

The prettiest Sonoma sunset
We got to take these succulents home! I took about 8…
Our Guerneville hideaway
My NY gals, minus the bride.
Saree details. Interestingly the back is more elaborate than the front.
The bride and groom!
Very into this Henna…might become a regular thing for me.
In full effect.
No pictures were allowed in the Temple so we just snapped this one outside of it.
Bae patiently waiting while I snapped 100 photos…
One of the many goddesses that adorn the Temple.
No shoes allowed, even my Brian Atwood’s.
One more full length shot to see the side and how it drapes.