Beauty and the Rose – get it?! I love roses…they smell amazing and they make the most lovely beauty products. Here are my favorite rose beauty products. What are your favorites that I should try?

My top shelf rose infused products I use almost everyday!

Mun Anarose Hydrating Toner – I just started using this brand and already love it! It’s all natural and started by a NY make up artist who knows her stuff. I apply post cleansing and pre serums or lotions.

Byredo Rose Noir Perfume – This is my go to night perfume. It has a slightly spicy undertone after the initial rose scent. Byredo has tons of great perfumes so you can’t go wrong.

Weleda Rose Deodorant – I like to use natural deodorant and this one is my go to. It sprays on super easily and stays throughout the day. I recommend reapplying if you sweat in a big way from a workout or a super hot day.

Weleda Rose Body Oil – I love to add a few drops of this to my bath or apply after a shower. It can be slightly heavy & sticky so make sure to blend it in extra or mix with another oil. I use a light scented sesame oil to mix with it.

Heritage Store Rose Petals Rosewater – This is the best for a hot day or when you need a refreshing dose of moisture. It’s great for travel as well. You can find at Wholefoods in the beauty section.