I’ve had so much fun getting to know Lili from Lili Klein Jewelry; we decided to do another photoshoot for her new look book. If you remember, she’s one of the first brands I featured on the blog as well as one of the few designers I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing! See original stories here on the blog. Her studio has excellent natural light so we did the photoshoot there. Lili makes her jewelry with the lost wax technique and in turn her pieces have a more natural and organic feel than some of the contemporary jewelry brands out there. She works in gold, silver, and matte gold. The matte gold is really beautiful. I personally like all gold (white, shiny, matte, rose, etc.)! Here are a few of the behind the scenes shots from our shoot together. In honor of our third collaboration, we have a promo code for you to shop and receive 15% off any purchase this week: OfTheMomnt15. Follow the link here to enjoy!

Elephant Gold Necklance with gemstonesStacked up!Prayer hands stacked with as many rings as we can!Diamonds, Gold, Chacedony, Silver and more!I was getting feisty! Plus it's funny to give the middle finger with a peace sign on your finger.I have so much jewelry on right now, if I got into a fight I could do some damage.Simple and chic Gold Chacedony pendant.Stacked handsHiding after a long day of shooting!