One of my favorite parts of my job is meeting people and interviewing them! I truly enjoy it!

Heather Hubbard of MR.NY is one of those gems (plus she just moved to LA from NY, like me!) and when she jumped at the chance to partake in my interview series; I was thrilled! Heather and I first met when I worked at PROJECT and she had her own agency: HH Productions. She’s since gone on to design her own handbag line that is sold to likes of Bergdorf Goodman, Intermix and more. My favorite of her pieces is the Mr.Parker mini back pack I am wearing in the pictures below and you can buy it here. Take a look at her inspiring interview and please keep on eye on her progress!

Interview with MR.NY creator: (AK = me, HH = Heather Hubbard):

AK: Where are you from?

HH: Boise, Idaho.

AK: Where did you learn to design?

HH: I studied Design at the Art Institute of Seattle

AK: When did you start your line?

HH: Spring of 2014, we were fortunate enough to launch with Henri Bendel and Neiman Marcus.

Mr. Parker was the perfect NYFW companion, easy to carry with me!

AK: Have you had any other lines or worked on designing anything else before this line started?

HH: Prior to MR. I founded a boutique branding agency called HH Productions. As Creative Director, I worked with each brand through the creative process, while providing strategic sales planning and operational support to a range of fashion and lifestyle companies.  


AK: Where do you make your handbags and what technique do you use to make it?

HH: Our bags are handcrafted in NYC’s garment district. My intention is to offer the same quality of construction we see in luxury brands, that cannot be duplicated on a production line with machinery.

AK: What inspires your designs?

HH: I am heavily inspired by the Manhattan woman, she is real, with a true appreciation of personal style.

MR.NY’s fall line up

AK: Have you had any mentors or people in your life that helped guide you through this process? Especially since we first met when you represented wholesale lines, I’m curious if you have had anyone help you transition from sales to being more creative.

HH: I have not had a singular mentor. Its more of a trusted group of colleagues and friends that I have gained throughout my experience. It felt like a natural transition in my career to eventually launch my own label after 8 years of launching other brands.

me and Mr. Parker

AK: What advice would you give to a young designer starting out?

HH: Make sure you have the proper financial partners in place and have the experience and knowledge to do what you love because you will have to make several personal sacrifices to succeed.

AK: What so far, has been your favorite moment with your handbags? Was it a person carrying one that really impacted you or maybe it was getting into a certain store?

HH: Henri Bendel had launched the careers of so many influential Designer’s. Seeing my first collection on display where many great labels had sat before me was a monumental moment in my life both personally and professionally.

A variety of skins available – Heather is always finding new ways to innovate her designs.

AK: You recently moved from NY to LA, has that had an influence on your designs or work processes?

HH: LA style is very casual, the opportunity that I see in Los Angeles is that the accessory is the statement piece, rather than the outfit.

Too cute, had to share another of me and Mr. Parker

AK: What was your initial goal when you first created your line, and now, has how that changed?

HH: I launched MR. with a commitment to craftsmanship, quality, and local manufacturing in NYC. I wanted to create beautiful bags at a price point that is attainable. Hence our concept of “Attainable Luxury”. Each season, I dive deeper into exploring unique materials and textures that make a simple shape stand out. A good example is our Pirarucu skin Mr. Walsh pouches. It’s a basic pouch but the skin makes it AMAZING.

Love the yellow on these sleek handbags!

AK: What’s next for you and MR.?

HH: MR. is launching our e-commerce site with the ability to create customized bags. You will be able to choose from a selection of leathers, hardware, lining, and even personalized monograms. I am excited to share a more personalize shopping experience with our customers.