My quest for a ‘natural’ deodorant is an old one; I’ve never really believed that wearing something that stops you from sweating is a good idea. I’ve tried them all (Tom’s, Arm and Hammer, Weleda, those crystal sticks!) and although some of these have worked for a few hours when you first apply, in the end, they generally end up disappearing when it gets above 70 degrees, working out, or after a long day. When Kiss My Face asked me to review their new Quick Dry Spray Deodorants, I was kind of excited, as this could be my new jam! The verdict: sure is! I tried two scents: Cucumber Green Tea and Sport. Cucumber Green Tea is a nice, light scent that evokes the taste of fancy spa water that you’d sip while waiting for your massage. Try it and tell me different, it really does! Sport has a muskier, stronger scent with a bit of thyme and spice to it. Personally, I prefer the Sport to the Cucumber Green Tea, but what I like about both of these products is they dried quickly, they stayed clean smelling the whole day, and they didn’t get sticky when I did go outside and move around a bit. All in all, I would give Kiss My Face Quick Dry Spray Deodorants a thumbs up and I’d purchase this product on my own for it’s stay fresh scent and non stickiness after a few hours of wear. It’s a bonus that they are free of aluminum chlorohydrate, paraben, artificial fragrances, chemical propellants, and cruelty. DSC00276