Homemade Matcha lattes are my favorite way to get my caffeine dose in the morning. I use my Vitamix to make them to save money and time running to the store for one. You can find the unsweetened matcha tea I use here at Wholefoods or Bristol Farms.


Almond Milk, Hemp Milk, or Milk of your choice

Matcha Powder, unsweetened

Stevia sweetener or sweetener of your choice

(need Vitamix of good quality blender)


Pour milk into mug to determine proper amount of milk to use

Heat milk in microwave approximately 1 -1 1/2 minutes depending how strong your microwave is

Pour hot milk into Vitamix

Add 1 full teaspoon matcha powder

Add 12 drops or more of Stevia or sweetener of your choice

Blend on hot setting for 30 seconds to 1 minute

Pour back into mug and enjoy!

3 key ingredients: Matcha tea, almond milk, and stevia
Put all 3 in the Vitamix, turn to hot, and blend away to get this!