I’m excited to share with you the latest installment of my #ofthemomnttalks series with new LA brand, Penelope Piper Denim. Penelope Piper Denim specializes in tailored cuts that make their jeans easy to wear at the office and out on the town. I instantly felt more put together in the two pairs I feature in this post (the skinny leg and the wide leg) and the dark washes made the denim appear less like denim, more like a trouser. Keep on eye out for this brand as I anticipate seeing it everywhere soon. Full interview with Stacia, founder and head designer, below.

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AK: Where are you from?

S: Houston, Tx… born and raised!!! Los Angeles for 7 years

AK: Where did your learn to make denim?

S: I didn’t necessarily learn to make denim, as I’m a brand that is fully produced by a manufacturer here in LA. But my history and love for denim started many years ago as a showroom assistant for 7 For All Mankind. Working corporate for a denim brand showed me the in/outs of the whole entire process. And me being an assistant I was able to see things others wouldn’t ever have the opportunity to. I was young, quiet, and observant. I soaked up everything!!! I later moved to Joe’s Jean then Hudson Denim, as an Account Executive. Made relationships with small boutiques from the Mississippi River to west of the US. Huge aspect of my career, the most important part, really… its where everything came full circle. Then came my time spent at VINCE, where I worked in the design department and truly found the art of making beautiful well-made clothing. The amount of details they put into the clothes will amaze you. To approve fabrics takes weeks and color dying is thorough. I gained experience will use forever.

AK: When did you start your line?

S: March of 2016 was our official launch, but I’ve been in the process of creating the brand since 2013.

AK: Have you had any other lines or worked on designing anything else before this line started?

S: No other lines, I waited in my career to start PENELOPE PIPER DENIM when I knew I could be fully devoted. I didn’t want to gradually “put my toe in” and leave it up to chance, which is okay- and works for others. But for me, knowing the difficulty level of creating your own line, I wanted to go full throttle and give it 100%.

AK: Where do you make your denim and what technique do you use to make it?

S: Everything is made here in Los Angeles!

We’re in some sense very traditional in the denim making process. It’s our style and cut that sets us apart. We’re tailored made denim. In the beginning I spent years on our pattern for the perfect fit. From our two initial styles we have taken that and grown it into four additional styles. Cutting the pattern time to a few months rather than years. And we continue to add on. Patterns are so important in the apparel industry. It’s equivalent to your grandmothers “secret sauce” where a dash of lemon zest can make a world a difference! Let me tell you… we have a few secrets in our pattern that no woman can live without.

AK: What inspires your designs?

S: Simple things… clean straight lines, stale visions, cold sheets right before you slip into bed, that’s how I want my denim to feel when putting them on. Peonies, my favorite flower- which you’ll see in my SS17 collection. Music. The American culture. Anything that makes me feel something.

AK: Have you had any mentors or people in your life that helped guide you through this process?

S: My mother, she’s my muse and all things right in my life. She’s a Texas girl, with a Dynasty mind set. Which for some reason seems so perfect.

AK: What advice would you give to a young designer starting out?

S: Work while they sleep. Learn while they party. Save while they spend. So you can live like they dream.

AK: What so far, has been your favorite moment with your denim? Was it a person wearing it

that really impacted you or maybe it was getting into a certain store?

S: Getting a FREE editorial in WWD.online

Such a great gift as a new and emerging designer. Link below.

Emerging Fashion and Accessories Brands at Los Angeles Trade Shows

AK: What was your initial goal when you first created your line, and now, has how that changed?

S: Creating something people will love, something they will feel feminine and sexy wearing. Having the feeling of being dressed up, polished, and finished while still wearing denim. Often lost in a city like Los Angeles. No, it’s still my main propose.

AK: What’s next for you and Penelope Piper Denim?

S: What’s not!?! Haha! Okay, short time goals- I want to make it into major department stores such a Barney’s, Saks, and Neiman’s.

SS17 is absolutely to die for, and I’m more than excited to share it with everyone with the hope they enjoy it as much as I do!