I’m talking about pigmentation today – my skin’s greatest skincare dilemma! As we age, our bodies’ hormones change and this can lead to skin pigmentation, especially for people with olive or darker skin tones. External factors such as birth control, can also cause your hormones to change and create uneven skin tones; one more reason they really need to make male birth control stat! If you are anything like me, you are not so keen on having spots or patches of darker skin. Thankfully there are lots of over the counter products you can use to address this skin conundrum.

My regime to combat pigmentation consists of the five key products below. I use Lyterra 2.0 day and night before I moisturize, I apply Vitamin C oil to my face in the morning, post applying Lyterra and pre-applying my moisturizer. At night, I slather on Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Oil as it has retinoids for anti-aging and anti-pigmentation.  One time a week I apply Ren Glycol Lactic Acid Radiance Renewal Mask to slough away dead skin cells to allow all my other products be more effective and in the daytime I use Your Skin But Better CC Cream for SPF protection and to create the appearance of a even skin tone.

Keep in mind that combating pigmentation takes TIME so these products can take up to 6 months or more to start seeing a difference. Be mindful of the sun – these products make your skin more sensitive AND you don’t want to spend all this time fighting the effects of pigmentation only to undo it one day on the beach. Plus you know the sun is bad for you! Hello wrinkles!?

Lyterra 2.0 can be purchased in an aestheticians or dermatologist’s office or here.