our purpose

We are a fashion consulting service that specializes in developing successful strategies for brands navigating the fashion & lifestyle industries. We create solutions for merchandising, brand building, buying, and distribution. Spearheaded by retail expert Ariel Kochbarski, Of The Momnt uses a combination of first hand industry knowledge and 14+ years experience to enable our clients and partners to achieve ideal market positioning, elevate brand awareness and create success.

With over a decade of retail merchandising expertise in all major US markets, Of The Momnt has the ability to consult on traditional retail and e-commerce projects of all types and throughout various cities, including Los Angeles, New York, London, and Paris.

Our services evolve with every partner we meet and every project we undertake.


Retail Distribution
Brand Partnerships & Collaborations
Brand Advisory & Strategic Counsel
Retail Growth Strategies
E-Commerce Merchandising
Creation Direction & Styling
Wholesale Strategies